‘Wind River’ Review


Aug 3, 2017 by Bob Mondello

Loss Piles Up Deep As Wyoming Snow Drifts In ‘Wind River’….

Hugh Dillon, Elizabeth Olsen and Graham Greene star in Wind River

When a Native American teenager is found dead, FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olson, center) works with local police (Graham Greene, right, Hugh Dillon) to figure out what happened. Fred Hayes/The Weinstein Company

Taylor Sheridan’s tense, terse police procedural/Western, Wind River, begins with an icy, moonlit, Wyoming landscape. There’s no one for miles, except a gasping, Native American teenage girl running in the snow, terrified and barefoot.

She falls. Screams. Gets up. Runs some more.

Cut to bright daylight. A wolf stalking a flock of sheep. A shot rings out as this predator is felled by another: a marksman who, in his snow-camouflage gear, blends invisibly into the landscape. Cory (played by Jeremy Renner) also blends in socially, though there aren’t many folks to blend in with next to the Wind River Indian Reservation. His being close to the people there is what makes this film compelling in a genre that’s become so cut-and-dried the term “thriller” barely describes it any more.

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